Ferrari About To Unveil Its Two New Models Next Month

Ferrari About To Unveil Its Two New Models Next Month

Despite a large number of new car announcements already made, Ferrari did not leave their second quarter earnings report presentation without announcement of further new launches. Louis Camilleri, CEO of Ferrari, announced on Friday that Ferrari is coming up with two new models which will be unveiled in Maranello next month. One of them is speculated to be the lethal 812 Superfast Spider, as members of Ferrari chat forums talked about receiving invitations to the unveiling ceremony next month.

Ferrari About To Unveil Its Two New Models Next Month

Interestingly, Camilleri didn’t talk about the details of either of the model and focused just on explaining the second quarter earning more. Of course, no official details about the 812 Superfast Spider revealed yet, but there are enough speculations of what the car may include. As of what we understand, the 812 Super fast would be able to accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 2.9 seconds with an expected top speed of 211 mph. It will boast of a 6.5 liter V12 engine that will be able to generate 789 hp and around 718 Nm torque. The other model is even more shadowed with almost no details available. Of the little that is available, it might just be the F8 Spider, which too will be a wow for all Ferrari fans.

Talking about Ferrari’s shareholder value, it stands as arguably the company with the highest shareholder value in Q2 of 2019. It enjoyed a whopping gain of almost 22 per cent, which by far is the biggest in the automobile industry. The overall shareholder value of Europe’s automakers increased by around 6 per cent in the second quarter, down when compared to the 9.7 per cent recorded in the preceding three months. Auto spares industries and automobile engineering companies too stood on the positive side as all of them showed growth in the second quarter.

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