China Doing Very Poorly As A Result Of Trade War: Donald Trum

China Doing Very Poorly As A Result Of Trade War: Donald Trum

The US President, Donald Trump has recently come out with the fact that China is doing very poorly as a result of the trade war. The President also believes that the States is going to get stronger if the performance of China does not undergo any improvement.

China Doing Very Poorly As A Result Of Trade War: Donald Trum


According to the latest update provided by the US President himself at the Morristown Airport in New Jersey, it is made clear that the United States of America is having a great discussion with China over matters dealing with trade. He further assured that he has decided onto speaking with the President of China, Xi Jinping as soon as possible.

Trump came out with the belief that the President of China, Xi Jinping can try to solve the problem “humanely”. Trump also adds that by solving the problem “humanely” he can make “everybody happy”. These statements are made by the US President on the long run protest in Hong Kong which has been going on since the early June.

On Thursday, Trump further came out with a new set of thoughts. He said that if the trade war continues for a long time, it would be enough to weaken China and in return would add strength to the United States of America. He also adds that the States has taken almost $60 billion tariff money from China for which the consumers have not paid yet. People have lost their jobs and companies are shutting down at a large scale. Trump further added that the country (China) might love somebody like the former Vice President Joe Bidden who gave a Country which has taken out over $500 billion a year from the States for a prolonged time.

However, Trump assured that the two countries would like to agree on a good deal, soon enough.

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